South Glengarry


Chassis Overview

Cab: 2022 International HV607

Engine: Cummins L9 400EV HP @ 2200 RPM

Transmission: Allison 3000 EVS

Axel Rating
Front: 18,000 Lbs / 8,164 Kg

Rear: 46,000 Lbs / 10,432 Kg



Front:  Taper Leaf Parabolic
Rear: Hendrickson HMX 460 Leaf Spring

Seats: H.O. Bostrom Series


Water Reservoir
Tank: Brayneck Copolymer (Poly)
Capacity: 3024 Imp / 10683 L


Body Features

  • Low side constructed with 5052 marine grade aluminum
  • Amdor – Satin anodized roll up doors with integral compartment lights
  • Diamondback tailboard and recessed walkway
  • NFPA lighting package (Whelen Freedom Lightbar, Whelen M6 Series Red warning lights & Whelen M9V series
  • Amdor H20 lumabars Ground Lights
  • Vinyl hose bed cover
  • Portable pump storage with accessories storage
  • Hose storage divider on pull out tray
  • Zico quick lift Porta Tank with hard Suction hose storage
  • Zico quick lift Ladder Rack with hard Suction hose and Holley Pipe storage
  • A.H. Stock stainless steel dump chute with full 180* swivel

Spec Sheet