North Glengarry


Chassis Overview

Cab: 2020 Freightliner 108SD

Engine: Cummins L9 400 HP@2100 RPM 1250 LB/FT @ 1400 RPM

Transmission: Allison EVS 3000 Automatic with PTO Provision

Axel Rating
Front: 16,000 LBS
Rear: 44,000 LBS

Front: 16,000 LBS
Rear: 44,000 LBS

Seats: H.O. Bostrom

Pump Overview
Model: Hale DSD 5000 LMP, Trident Air Prime, (2) electric MIV,
FRC InControl Pressure Governor, FRC Foam Pro 2001, 41,000 BTU heater
Capacity: 5000LPM

Water Reservoir
Tank: Copolymer (Poly) Poly Wet Side
Capacity: 2500 Imperial Gallons

– (2) adjustable hose bed dividers
– Aluminum hose bed cove
FRC Tankvision Pro 300 and Maxvision water level gauge
FRC Tankvision Pro 300 foam level gauge