East Hawkesbury Rescue


Chassis Overview

Cab: 2022 Freightliner M2-106 Crew Cab

Engine: Cummins L9 450EV HP @ 2100 RPM

Transmission: Allison 3000 EVS

Axel Rating
Front: 14,700 Lbs / 6,680 Kg

Rear: 27,000 Lbs / 12,272 Kg



Front:  Taperleaf
Rear: Flat Leaf Spring


Body Features

  • 18ft Heavy duty aluminum body
  • Insulated and heated
  • Kemply interior lining
  • Bench seats and folding table
  • 16 Equipment Bunkers
  • Amdor – Satin anodized roll up doors with integral compartment lights
  • Curbside and Rear man doors
  • Diamondback tailboard and recessed walkway
  • NFPA lighting package (Whelen Justice Lightbar, Whelen M6 Series Red warning lights & Whelen M9V series, Pioneer Summit flood light bar
  • Amdor H20 lumabars Ground Lights
  • 120v Electrical panel for generator
  • SCBA storage in compartments

Spec Sheet